Catholic US justice Amy Coney Barrett reportedly signs $2 million book deal

US Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has reportedly received a $2 million advance to deliver a book about how judges are not supposed to bring their personal feelings into how they rule.

Politico cites three anonymous publishing industry sources who have verified the deal– one of whom described the figure as an “an eye-raising amount” for a Supreme Court justice.

A spokesperson for the Supreme Court, though, has made no comment.

Coney Barrett is the Catholic Justice who made headlines last year when former US President Donald Trump nominated her for the country’s Supreme Court and the Republican majority Senate confirmed the appointment.

Her nomination was fiercely contested by Democrats, who were concerned about the Supreme Court becoming increasingly skewed conservative under President Trump.

Coney Barrett’s confirmation means that there are now five Supreme Court Justices considered to be conservative and four who are considered to be progressive.

Coney Barrett’s nomination and confirmation also saw the “People of Praise” – the Charismatic Christian group of which she is a member – face a media onslaught, as Americans attempted to understand how Coney Barrett’s faith might impact her rulings.

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