Record-breaking online series The Chosen will return

The largest crowdfunded media project ever is about Jesus, and it’s coming back soon … for a second season.

The Chosen TV show and app announced there will be more to its story of Jesus which, since debuting last year, has been viewed by 50 million people in 180 countries.

The Chosen TV series

The Chosen hauled in a record $10 million in crowdfunding for its first season – the largest tally of its kind – and kickstarted a new way of independently creating such content. The first season depicted some of Jesus’s first miracles and public teaching, with emphasis upon natural performances and the eternal power of its central character’s message.

According to VidAngel, the streaming company that serves up The Chosen to the world, the second season will shoot in September. It will “explore the building of Jesus’ group of disciples and the personal and interpersonal pros and cons of Jesus’ growing notoriety as they take their ministry on the road,” the company announced.

Dallas Jenkins is director of The Chosen and son of Left Behind co-author Larry B Jenkins.

“Between COVID-19 and the fact that we’re doing this outside the system, it has been a challenge to know exactly how and where we can produce season two for the fans,” said Jenkins.

“But those are also the reasons we feel such urgency to get the stories of Jesus to the world as soon as possible.

“Our fans’ generosity is allowing us to overcome these hurdles.”

The Chosen season two already has raised almost $7.5 million, enough to cover almost six of a proposed eight episodes.

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