Good news, minister drought may have broken

Eternity reported a downturn over several years in the number of people doing full-time degrees to become Christian ministers – and this has dovetailed with reports of a “minister drought” in some Christian groups.

The drought may be breaking. Moore Theological College in Sydney, one of the institutions which had followed a pattern of gentle decline in student numbers since 2012, reports that:

  • “We have more the doubled the full-time undergraduates in first year on campus.”
  • “Part-time and online study has also increased, but numbers can’t yet be confirmed.
  • “All up, we have 95 new students (non-continuing), if we include those studying part-time.”

Eternity needs to add a qualifier here: Moore certainly is not boasting. Eternity had to chase Moore to get this news. They are not saying they are doing better than others – no-one really knows.

We’ll know more from Moore and other colleges when the “census date” for each institution passes. The census date in higher education is the date when enrolment numbers are usually counted and is often the date for students to drop out without incurring fees.