Young journalist to reboot ministry to lost tribe of media

Sydney radio journalist Liam Denny is to take on the challenge of rekindling the Christians in the Media ministry in the New Year, taking the message of Jesus to a new generation of media professionals.

Liam, a journalist with commercial station 2GB, starts a two-year contract as ministry apprentice to Christians in the Media on January 1.

“His primary responsibility will be meeting and reading the Bible with young media workers, encouraging them in their love for Jesus, both people who are Christian and those who are not,” says Dominic Steele, an Anglican minister who started Christians in the Media with former journalist Russell Powell in 1991.

“Then he will be working with me to hold a series of events for building up and encouraging media workers during the course of next year.”

For more than ten years, Dominic and other Christians in the Media staff attempted to see people in the media fraternity come to know and love Jesus

“Our mission remains to reach the lost tribe of Sydney’s media.” – Dominic Steele

By conducting Bible study groups at Fairfax, News Limited, 2GB, Channel Nine and among communications students at the Film, Television and Radio School, University Technology Sydney and Macquarie University.

However, the ministry was put on pause when Dominic was sued for defamation in 2010 in the Supreme Court – collateral damage from the effort required to conduct and win the court case.

Since 2012, Dominic has been searching for someone with entrepreneurial flair to get the Christians in the Media going again and build up momentum.

The core of it is sharing the Bible with people in a real, personal way.” – Dominic Steele

“We’re going to start with a dinner to introduce Liam to the wider media fraternity in the New Year,” says Dominic.

“And then we’ll set out a calendar for the next 18 months.”

While the aim is to restart reading the Bible with shift-working media workers, the method of delivery may change.

“Our mission remains to reach the lost tribe of Sydney’s media,” Dominic says.

“But we want to go and have a conversation with our friends at Ecom and City Bible Forum – they have lots of wisdom now in how to do ministry in the corporate world.”

Dominic says rather than sending staff to Westpac to run Bible study groups, City Bible Forum runs evangelistic prayer teams.

“So I’m not quite sure what the opening strategy will be. I think we need to reflect on what we did before but also learn from the wisdom of City Bible Forum.

“The core of it is sharing the Bible with people in a real, personal way, but what form that takes I’m not totally sure.”

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