More on Black Lives Matter, personal stories and more

Today Eternity publishes personal insights into to issues around Black Lives Matter (BLM) – slavery in Australia, Christian Missions, and a survey of conservative Christian commentators in the US who take a more nuanced position than some might think.

As sometimes happens with Eternity, not everyone sees things quite the same way. Here we attempt to move beyond the journalistic meme of ‘balance’ and present a spectrum of views.


Two pieces examine South Sea Islander (Kanaka) experience, Larissa Minniecon recounts the effect of slavery on her family, and Mark Powell is grateful for missionaries.

John Piper, J. G. Greear the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and writers for the Gospel Coalition have a nuanced take on BLM.

Another explores the life of a gutsy Congregational minister, Reverend William Morley, who lived in Australia from 1892-1938 and worked to raise awareness about and improve conditions for the country’s First Nations peoples.


Some prayer points to help

Pray that Christians will respond with a generous heart to the challenges of the racial reconciliation