Ep 12: Is it a sin to talk about sin? PLUS Kendrick Lamar

Notes from Episode 12: Is it a sin to talk about sin? 

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For arguments sake: where we take a debate, cut out the party politics and try to talk it out

Megan and Michael dig into the giant topic that is: SIN. What is it? And what effect does it have on human beings?

Christians have plenty of hang ups about using the word ‘sin’. Megan says in some Christian tribes, it’s not a popular word at all.

Yet despite the wariness around the word, Megan says she likes it. “I find the word ‘sin’ is one where my evangelicalism and my feminism intersects.” Tune in to find out how these “strange bedfellows” (as Michael puts it) come together.

Meanwhile, the duo discuss the differences between individual and social/systemic sin and the traps in talking about one more than the other, looking specifically at #MeToo as an example.

When the discussion inevitably gets to ‘Agency’ and ‘Liberty’, Megan and Michael address one of their key differences. Michael is a Calvinist, Megan calls herself “a particular kind of Arminian” (don’t worry – they give a quick crash course on those terms!) And so … bring on the arguments about free will.

Mentioned in this segment:

Q&A: You ask us questions, and we answer without the spin. 

Megan and Michael pick two questions to tackle:

  • Are some sins worse than others?
  • Does intent make a difference?

Marg and Dave: Reviews from two people obsessed by stories. But not always the same ones.

Michael and Megan take a look at Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer-winning album, Damn, though both say it’s not what they would have chosen to listen to personally.

However, Lamar is open about his own faith and the album has many references to sin, pride, lust and also humility and love.

Looking specifically at the song Fear, Megan and Michael discuss what a ‘fear of God’ means and why Lamar chose to emphasise the fear over the love of God.

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Rev Megan Powell du Toit, ordained Baptist minister, Publishing Manager of the Australian College of Theology, editor of the journal Colloquium.

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