A good news story from a church online

Stu Cameron is Lead Minister of Newlife Church on the Gold Coast, Coolangatta and Brisbane. On his Facebook feed this morning, he shared one of the benefits of global connection coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.

While I’m so thankful to God for the grace of technology that enables the church to gather even while scattered, I deeply miss the physical gathering of God’s people. This is NOT how things are meant to be.

On Sunday our church gathered again online. Our pastors were able to engage in conversation with people as they participated in worship. One couple who joined us was Eva and Raul. From Spain.

Here’s the conversation Calvin had with Eva:

Ps. Calvin: Hi EvaFu, are you really joining us from Spain?

EvaFu: Hi! Yes, we live in Alicante, Spain.

Ps. Calvin: If so, we are humbled! So good to have you worship with us. I am one of the Pastors. May I ask how you heard of our service?

EvaFu: We were traveling through Australia in 2013-2014 in a campervan and got to know Newlife Church. I got baptised in Newlife by Pastor Stu and it was really a blessing.

Ps. Calvin: Our hearts are broken to hear of what your country is going through right now and stand in prayer with you. May I ask your name, so that I can pass on your greetings to Pst Stu?

EvaFu: We have always been checking on the resources of Newlife that are available online and when we saw that you are offering your church services online now during the crisis, we were so happy to join and see Pastor Stu and everyone from church again. We really loved it.

Ps. Calvin: Ah wow!! I will pass this onto the team. This makes us so excited and grateful! I will definitely pass this onto the team!

Seven years ago on Eater Sunday, we baptised Eva in Currumbin Creek [Queensland]. Yesterday she and Raul joined us for worship, as they live through lockdown in a nation ravaged by Covid-19.

I am reminded again and again in this season leading up to Easter that God does his best work while it’s still dark.

So, today as I pray for Eva and Raul and for Spain, I do so with resurrection hope.