Abortion is the leading cause of death

Abortion was the leading cause of death in 2021 according to Worldometer a data aggregation site. The site showed a total of deaths from all causes including abortion totalled 101.5 million people.  42.6 million were for abortions.

Other causes of death totalled 58.7 million. They included 8.2 million people dying of cancer worldwide, nearly 5 million deaths caused by smoking.

These other causes of deaths stats are in line with pre pandemic figures published in the Lancet.

Deaths due to Coronavirus is a complicated topic. ourworldindata.org gives the central estimate of excess deaths during 2021 is in the region of 12.7 million while the confirmed deaths from Covid during that year is 3.55 million.

Covid’s third place in reported deaths is backed by another study by Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

The abortion figure for Worldometer is lower than the World Health Organisation figure of 73 million abortions per year, so it is likely a conservative figure.

In Australia, the latest ABS figures for a whole year are for 2020. 161,300 deaths were registered with 16,587 dying of Ischaemic heart diseases (the most common cause), and 14,575 of dementia (second). Coronavirus with 898 deaths from COVID-19, ranked as the 38th leading cause of death. Abortion stats in Australia are controversial, but a peer-reviewed study published this year in the Medical Journal of Australia estimated there were 88 287 abortions in 2017-18. This means that Australia follows the world pattern of abortion as the leading cause of death.