Fighting the rise of cybersex trafficking

“We rescued a 3 month old baby this year.”

Finishing on October 22, Anti-Poverty Week is an annual campaign to focus attention upon the plight of poorer people, around the world. One of the increasing dangers to impoverished people is cybersex trafficking, where often children and young people are exploited online via webcam links.

Jeff Nagle is CEO of International Justice Mission Australia, a Christian organisation that strives to particularly protect poor and vulnerable people from all forms of violence. Clearly disturbed by the work he is involved with, Nagle told Eternity that cybersex trafficking is on the rise and is hard to identify.

While Nagle and his team are driven by God’s desire for humans to be freed from forms of slavery, he acknowledges Christian communities are also not immune from perpetrators of sexual violence and exploitation. “Members of the church … have travelled overseas to procure sex with minors and unless the church starts to talk about this in meaningful ways, it will continue to flourish in the dark.”


Some prayer points to help

Pray for the protection of children and young people from sexual exploitation and trafficking.