Finding God when a child has cancer

Camilla is six years old. She and her family are from a poor community in Chichigalpa, more than 100 kilometres from Nicaragua’s capital of Managua. The primary source of work is cutting sugar cane – a dangerous job. Workers are exposed to many pesticides and chemicals which threaten the health of their whole family. Water for drinking, cooking and bathing in, is not safe.

Try to imagine the trauma experienced by families in Chichigalpa as they hope to survive everyday life.

“We hold the Bible close now, and that allows us to be closer to God.” – Luz Marina

Camilla’s family has suffered many illnesses from the chemicals and, about six months ago, doctors diagnosed Camilla with leukemia.

At a hospital in Managua, she has been through five months of treatment for leukemia, the most diagnosed type of childhood cancer in Nicaragua.

Camilla’s mother Luz Marina feared she would not leave with her daughter alive.

During her stays in hospital, Camilla’s family learned about the work the Bible Society does with its ‘Hope and Care for Children with Cancer’ program. Through this program, they have received their own Bibles as well as other items needed during their stays. Camilla’s family also decided to participate actively in the devotions which are taught by pastors and volunteers.

After sharing and times of prayer with volunteers, the family has decided to begin trusting in God. They are learning every day to trust God with their fear and heartache, even amid the suffering, pain and hardship which this family is going through

Camilla is now stable. She is responding very well to treatment, so she recently has been allowed to return home.

Camilla’s mother, Luz Marina, shares: “When we arrived at the hospital we felt lonely, I had never been to the capital, let alone this hospital.”

“We entered as an emergency and being transferred to the area of children with cancer I believed that I would not go home with my child alive.

“After seeing the work of the Bible Society and participating in the prayers that the pastors offer, it injected me with faith in God, a God I used to flee from. But now, in this situation I have learned to depend on him.

“I want to thank each donor and the Bible Society who help so that patients and families have support, the things they need and a Bible of their own.

“We hold the Bible close now, and that allows us to be closer to God.”

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