Follow the Holy Spirit on social media, says Beth Moore

The key to avoiding ‘lovelessness and disunity’

“We have woefully underestimated and undervalued the Holy Spirit,” says Beth Moore. “… I think this error explains much of our lovelessness and disunity.”

The US Bible teacher and preacher took to Twitter yesterday to express her thoughts, after spending time studying the letters written by the apostle Paul and committing sections to memory.

Moore went on to suggest that Christians in “different camps” not only fail to forgive one another’s mistakes, but actually take digital screenshots as evidence and hold on to them to use as a kind of ammunition in future arguments.

Moore pointed out how social media has changed the climate of a debate, allowing people to express their disagreement almost immediately, rather than pausing to process comments and their response.

But, she said, if Christians would allow the Holy Spirit to guide them, a “built in voice of conviction” would help people take a moment to reflect before responding.

In recent years, Moore has increasingly become a lightning rod for controversyparticularly on social media. But, as she so capably demonstrated yesterday, for all its flaws, the contemporary communication platforms of social media can clearly be used to exhort and encourage one another in our Christian faith.

And, if Moore is right, the key to the relatively new-fangled dumpster fire that is Twitter may well be as old as time itself.