From Kylie Minogue to giving sight to the blind

There is nothing like helping others see, says media personality Lucy Holmes

As a singer, Lucy Holmes has performed for more than 80 million people. As a radio host, her regular audience almost reaches the one million mark.

But the media personality who is well-known for impersonating Kylie Minogue – Minogue describes Holmes’ tribute show as “the best act” of its kind – was recently struck by something eye-opening, away from the spotlight.

“There’s nothing like it,” stated Holmes about witnessing the impact of eye surgery in Vietnam. Christian charity CBM International provides low-cost surgery to vision-impaired people around the world, and Holmes was deeply moved by meeting people with restored sight.

Watch her report about the Vietnam visit and how she met one older patient who, having survived the Vietnam War, was amazed that her “life was about to begin again.”


Some prayer points to help

Thank God for medical skills and technology which allow people, all over the world, to have their eyesight restored.