Princess Diana's faith was stronger than you think

A British TV special set to reveal intimate details of the Royal’s beliefs

Diana, Princess of Wales, had a stronger Christian faith than has been previously held, an upcoming BBC programme will claim.

Set to air on BBC One this Sunday, the Songs of Praise special – to commemorate 20 years since the death of Diana Spencer – will feature friends, presenters and Christian leaders who recall her faith.

As reported by The Telegraph, friends will share about how Diana had a “stronger faith than people give her credit for.” Among those remembering Diana is Mike Whitlam, former director general of the British Red Cross.

“She wanted to put love where there was hatred, and make a huge difference to people’s lives so that they could live a better life,” says Whitlam, who worked with Diana on her high-profile visit to Bosnia to support victims of land mines.

Among other interesting tributes to Diana’s Christian faith will be Songs of Praise presenter Aled Jones explaining how he was personally invited to sing in her Kensington Palace living room, while a choir performed her favourite hymns.

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