Ways to pray this Refugee Week 2021

Refugee Week 2021 (June 20-26) is an annual time of focus upon people who have had to leave their home and seek sanctuary in another country.

With community advocacy and events happening across the week – including a virtual screening of heartfelt doco Rosemary’s Way – Refugee Week 2021’s theme is ‘Unity’.

“The volatility of life in recent times has shown us unequivocally that we need to work together often merely to survive, let alone to thrive and progress,” says the Refugee Week 2021 site.

“Let’s take the opportunity to start afresh and rebuild our lives together. To count our blessings and to put them to work … In 2021, we are calling on you to help build a more cohesive community during Refugee Week.”

Unity is a powerful concept at the heart of Christian community (“… you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28). As in past years, various Australian Christian groups are calling upon fellow believers to pray to God on behalf of refugees and Eternity shares some examples below.

Uniting Church in Australia prayers for gatherings, by Paul Hurley (South Australia Synod Refugee Advocacy Group)

Opening prayer

Restless God, we know that you never rest in your love and concern for all of creation.

We know that you ceaselessly search us out, calling us to be here together in prayer and song and word.

We know that you do not rest until justice rains down on the earth and until mercy flows like a river.

We are your people, your community, your family.

Today we open ourselves to your restless Spirit,

God of all creation we live in expectation of your work in our lives.


Prayer of Intercession

God, we know you call us to go with you to the other side.

You call us to a world larger, more open and more loving than we can ever imagine. You call us to live in radical community with you and with each other.

You call us to a bigger version of ourselves than we have the courage to live or the imagination to picture.

You call us to be one great family of all humanity.

God we pray for a world of radical inclusion, a home for all.

Today we pray for all those in our community who do not know themselves called, who do not experience themselves as being worthy of being called by anyone for any reason.

Today we pray for all of those who truly wonder if life can have a meaning and a purpose, those who are sure that if it does, it does not include them.

We pray today for all who feel that they are on the outside looking in on community, those who can find no way and no reason to participate.

We pray also for all of those who we have intentionally excluded, all who have come to this land seeking refuge and safety whom we have locked up, and treated harshly, unjustly and illegally.

We pray that they will receive justice.

God we pray for a world of radical inclusion, a home for all.

And we pray in the name of the great includer, Jesus.


Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum’s prayer for leaders, migrants and supporters

We present our petitions to the Father of all in the name of Jesus …

… For the leaders of our nations, that they may actively promote justice and peace among all nations, in particular for those least among us, especially people seeking asylum.

For child migrants and unaccompanied refugee children who are forced to leave their homes. May they find a new safe home and a brighter future. May we continue to become aware of their situation and bring about positive change in their lives.

For migrants who call Australia home. May Australia, which is continually blessed and enriched with the diversity which migrants bring, become a home for migrants and their families.

For those providing safety and support to people seeking asylum, that they be supported in their work raising awareness in our communities.

Jesus, you call us to welcome your children who come to our land to better their lives and to escape oppression, poverty, persecution, violence, and war. Grant that we may be guided by your Word to abolish the barriers in our hearts and in our minds.

Through Christ our Lord.


Salvation Army prayer for refugees and asylum seekers (by Aux-Lieut Edward Conteh, Auburn Corps)

Everlasting Father, you are the creator of heaven and earth. Thank you for the mercy and love you
show to all people.

You are a God of freedom – who you set free will be free indeed.

Lord, today we want to bring to you all who seek refuge in a foreign land, which they are now calling home, or wanting to make their home a safe place.

Father, we bring to you these issues of security and safety for our brothers and sisters around the world. Move the hearts of people to show them love and welcome. God, please bring harmony wherever they find themselves living.

I also pray for those who are still stranded in refugee camps. You are a God of freedom – who you set free will be free indeed.

In your mercy, please help those refugees who have fallen victim to human traffickers. Come to their aid and deliver them.

Dear Lord, I lift up in prayer all those working tirelessly to bring them relief. Continue to inspire their hearts towards generosity and compassion, that they will not grow cold.

Thank you, Lord, for all you have done and continue to do. We put our prayers and concerns into your hands and believe for this through your precious son, Jesus Christ.


Common Grace’s ‘Prayer for a Just Future’

Creator God, you are the giver of life.

Saviour Jesus, you have shown us what it is to love.

Guiding Spirit, you awaken us to justice.

Show us how to build a just future, where all people have equal opportunity to belong and to flourish in your vitality and love.

We ask for mercy for people in limbo on temporary visas, for safety for those seeking permanent protection, for reunion for families who are separated by borders, and for relief for those losing hope within our detention systems.

We pray for First Nations Peoples fighting for justice on their own Lands, for survivors of domestic violence and for creation groaning under climate disruption.

Help us to live out your inclusive love. Help us to live into your Kingdom where all people have equal opportunity to belong and flourish. Work through us, towards a just future.


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