An Aussie eye on that Kanye guy

Steve Chong, the founding leader and director of the RICE Movement, flew to Los Angeles to connect with Asian Christians. But he bumped into one of Kanye West’s back-up singers and wound up with tickets to a “Sunday Service.” Steve was blown away and he let the world know all about it in these posts:

“I’m joyous (and slightly shocked) in watching this revival breaking out in the entertainment industry here in Hollywood. As an evangelist with a front row view of @kanyesundayservices today I can confirm that this was one of the most Jesus centred, outreach focused, faith-filled response gatherings I have ever been to. It was surreal to see a full stadium of paid concert goers, listening to three (!) super clear messages from Scripture with worship that pointed to Jesus not a man. (In fact for most of the church service Kanye wasn’t on stage but hanging with the choir and wearing the same clothes as them and blending in so I couldn’t even see him!). No spotlight on him was needed as I felt the spotlight was clearly on someone else.”

“In the end whatever doubts about the man you may have, one thing I know is that God has and is using these Sunday Services to reap a huge harvest with people that would otherwise not be remotely interested in this message. Is it a phase? Is it real? Is it church? For me, doesn’t matter, Christ is preached and I just saw a lot of lost people found! Will never forget this – people turning in faith to Christ as Kanye’s choir sung word for word Philippians 2: ‘Every knee shall bow. Every tongue confess. Jesus is Lord’.

“‘This a mission, not a show’ – Kanye West

“OPEN HEAVEN// if there is any doubt that Kanye’s Sunday Service is about seeing the lost saved, I just posted on my stories what he and his friends preached on Sunday [see below], so go watch and be encouraged by how many responded to Jesus.
I love this photo because the way they have cleverly lit up the roof to make it look like an open heaven symbolises for me my hope that we are entering into one of the most exciting times for evangelistic harvest for the worldwide Church – where we will see the answer to Jesus prayer for God’s will to be on Earth as it is in Heaven (as it is His will that people are saved!)

“God has taken this rapper’s life (and in his words, turned his life around) and now people are buying tickets, queuing up to fill a stadium which pretty much becomes an evangelistic rally and getting saved?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

“I love how talk show host Jimmy Kimmel tried to box him into the Christian music scene by asking Kanye if he ‘was a Christian music artist now?’ and Kanye answered ‘I’m just a Christian EVERYTHING’ 🙌

“If you are not a Christian and want to give your everything to Jesus and get on the wildest trip of your life like Kanye is on, drop me a line. No one is too unlikely to be saved that they won’t be if they open their heart like this roof and let Jesus in by His Spirit. If this is you, PM me and I’ll pray with you

“More Lord!”

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