Christian Democrats back in court again

The election for a new board for the Christian Democratic Party, which has Fred Nile and Lyle Shelton  running against each other for party president, is in jeopardy.

The election at an Extraordinary General Meeting, organised by the party’s receiver Schon Condon is likely to take place in late November or December after nominations are dealt with.

The State Director (for NSW) Anne Wright has issued a notice of motion in the Supreme Court that seeks to declare the receiver’s notice calling the EGM for the election “invalid, null and void.”

Wright’s objection is based on the receiver calling an election at which all members of the party can vote. This overturns the party’s previous practice of having branch delegates vote, which Wright points out overturns the voting system set out in the party’s constitution.

“Our delegates are naturally distressed over this breach of the Constitution,” Wright tells Eternity

Wright is part of the party’s board which sought the appointment of the receiver, in the light of a couple of court cases that threaten the party with bankruptcy. She now seeks orders to change what the receiver proposes as part of one of these cases brought by former party treasurer Charles Robert Bray Knox against Fred Nile and other defendants including Wright.

A dissident group within the party is considering filing another motion that would seek to restore the party back as it was in 2019, before Knox and others were ousted from the former board. They claim to represent a number of party branches which would give those dissidents a big say in a delegate based election..

Both the Nile group and Shelton tell Eternity are fill steam ahead campaigning  a party vote for President. “As you would know, Rev Fred has a very loyal following due to his longevity of 40 years faithfully serving the people of NSW, so I believe either delegates and/ or open to all members votes would produce the same result, says Wright who is a strong backer of Nile.

Lyle Shelton prefers an all-member election telling Eternity “This election is about securing a viable future for the Christian Democratic Party.  Ensuring our party’s future is something that every party member has an interest in and their voices deserve to be heard.  The best pathway for healing and unity for the CDP is for every member to be allowed to have a say about its future.”





Some prayer points to help

Please pray for all those involved in this dispute, the leaders, party members that this dispute will not diminish their faith in the Lord Jesus