Cutting your energy costs with MAC Trade Services and the SA government’s REP scheme

As the challenge of managing household expenses continues to grow, there’s a solution you might not have considered that could significantly ease your financial burden. Meet MAC Trade Services, the oldest and largest energy services provider under the South Australian Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS). This South Australian-owned and operated company is making waves by offering energy-saving upgrades to more than 5,000 households and businesses each year. Their mission is to help you start saving energy today without the burden of upfront costs.

Who are MAC Trade Services?

MAC Trade Services has become a household name in South Australia for its dedication to energy efficiency. They work tirelessly across South Australia, providing a wide array of energy-saving appliances and services. These offerings encompass hot water systems, air conditioners, appliance rebates, commercial refrigeration and LED lighting upgrades, solar and battery systems and electric vehicle charging stations.

MAC Trade Services concentrates on utilising government incentives to reduce installation costs and promote sustainability efforts. By forging strategic alliances with energy retailers ZEN Energy, AGL, and Origin, as well as maintaining a network of over 200 skilled trade professionals, they contribute to over 40 per cent of South Australia’s total energy target.

One of the standout features of MAC Trade Services is their commitment to accessibility; they provide flexible finance options through green lending partners, ensuring that energy efficiency is within reach for all South Australians.

Unlocking the power of REPS

Are you aware that each of your household energy bills contributes roughly $2 to the South Australian Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS)? As a regular contributor to this initiative, you unlock access to substantial discounts on energy-efficient everyday appliances. With hot water, heating, and cooling expenses accounting for up to 60 per cent of the typical household’s energy costs, the REPS subsidies can significantly reduce the expense of upgrading to modern, energy-efficient models. These savings have a substantial impact, enabling you to allocate your hard-earned money to things that truly matter.

How can MAC Trade Services help your household or business?

Air conditioning

The Actron Air Serene air-conditioner, usually priced at $1,799 for supply and installation, can be yours for as low as $799 when the REPS discount is applied.  If you are a pensioner or a concession card holder, you may be eligible for a further discount.  Further information can be found at

Hot water

Electric water hot water systems, typically $3,515 for supply and installation, are now available at just $1,495 with the REPS discount.  Find out all you need to know right here:

Energy-efficient Appliances

You may be eligible to claim an energy-saving subsidy of up to $450 on eligible dryers, fridges, and freezers purchased from appliance retailers in 2023. The process is quick and straightforward.  Please visit the MAC Trade Services website to learn how easy it is to claim your cash rebate through them.

Commercial LED lighting upgrades

Thanks to REPS, business owners could qualify for a full LED lighting upgrade from only $33.  Please reach out to MAC Trade Services for a site inspection.

MAC Trade Services goes beyond energy services within the REPS, offering a comprehensive range that includes solar and battery solutions, EV chargers, and even commercial refrigeration. This holistic approach addresses all your energy needs, delivering energy savings while preserving the environment.

Explore your potential savings by visiting or contacting their friendly customer service team at 1300 430 917.

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