God led me to teach

The need for Christian teachers in the classroom is greater than ever. As the saying goes, the classroom is arguably the biggest mission field we have in today’s society.

We caught up with two Alphacrucis (AC) University College students who are working toward a Bachelor of Education, Briar Marshall and Naomi Cantwell to find out about their journey in this critical space.

Briar, Launceston local born and bred, joined an AC Teaching School Hub program this year through Christian Education Network in Tasmania and is loving it.

Briar Marshall, Bachelor of Education student studying through CEN Hub in Tasmania

“What motivated me to join this program was having the opportunity to study whilst incorporating God’s word. Being taught as a Christian educator means what I learn in the classroom actually flows into all areas of life.”

The AC teaching school hubs are a unique model that flips the higher education classroom model so aspiring teachers spend 1-2 days a week in a school throughout their studies, instead of a typical university experience where much less time is spent on practical training inside schools.   There are now over 100 Christian and Catholic schools across Australia that have signed up with Alphacrucis to be part of this program to train future teachers, and the list is growing.

Some of Briar’s highlights include having a more experienced teacher as a mentor to sharpen her teaching skills and grow as a person, of as well as the friendships and support that come with being a part of a group of students all learning in the same hub program.

Most importantly though, it has helped her in grow in her faith.
“I have grown closer to God, mainly because the classes are taught from Biblical perspectives. We pray before the start of lectures and other sessions, and knowing our educators are praying for us is so comforting. I can feel God’s presence at Alphacrucis, and it is such an encouraging and supportive journey to be on.”

In addition to scholarships paid by the school she is placed in, Briar also benefited from government funding via a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).  Nearly 200 CSPs was awarded to AC for 2023 and 2024 to support more people in being qualified as teachers, including those first in family to receive higher education, those from regional and remote areas, those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, people with a disability, and First Nations people.

As Briar explains, “With a CSP, I could go to AC straight after graduating from high school and not worry about finances. It has allowed me to pursue a meaningful career from the start and enjoy what I am doing every day.”

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Naomi Cantwell, an online student from Victoria, also shared her experience.

“My story is a little bit different to most. I studied Primary Teaching in a public university after finishing school in 2014 and completed 3 years of the course before God led me away from it. Looking at teaching through a secular lens, it left me deflated and doubtful that this was the career choice for me.”

Naomi Cantwell, Bachelor of Education student studying online in Victoria

After encouragement from friends and family and confirmation from a prophetic word, God led her back to teaching through AC. She found the online flexible option was the best fit for her busy life.

Naomi sums up, “studying with AC has been paradigm shifting. I’m really enjoying learning how my faith fits in with my future career and my life. Having started at AC I feel the call to equip and disciple. Seeing teaching through a biblical lens has really reignited my passion! Securing a CSP in my program has been a game-changer. It’s allowed me to focus on my studies and see how God really does provide us with everything we need for our calling!”

Have a heart for seeing children know Jesus? Find out more about AC’s teaching programs and how you can be supported in your calling with CSPs and other funding options.