Australia, let's all applaud frontline workers on Friday, July 30

Next Friday, all Australians should unite in one minute of applause to honour the sacrifice of frontline workers. 

That’s the call to the community being made by Mike Baird, CEO of aged care provider HammondCare and former New South Wales Premier. 

The courage and sacrifice of frontline workers in Australia throughout the pandemic have been steady and widespread. Be it medical workers in hospitals, or service providers in supermarkets or delivery services, many people have put themselves at higher risk of infection to perform roles that help to keep our society functioning.  

For Baird, the impact of these workers has been felt close to home.

He has seen first-hand the sacrifices which were made to keep his late mother as safe and comfortable as possible in a nursing home. 

“Our mum was lovingly cared for during this pandemic by aged care workers, some who abandoned their family grocery shopping and visiting friends (even when allowed) because they were worried it put residents like my mum at risk,” he said. 

“I will never forget this.”  

“Today, as a grateful son but also on behalf of all of us who benefit from this front line of care, I am calling on the Prime Minister and Premiers across Australia to unite in declaring a Day of Appreciation for frontline aged care and health care workers,” he said.  

#FrontlineFrontOfMind #YouCareWeCare

According to Baird and HammondCare, restrictions don’t need to stop us from honouring the enormous and personal price paid by frontline workers. Their suggestions include applauding frontline workers from your front door or balcony next Friday, July 30, at midday

You could also put signs in your windows, and post on social media using the hashtags #FrontlineFrontOfMind and #YouCareWeCare.

All over the world, there have been similar demonstrations of gratefulness for the critical role that frontline workers have played in serving their communities.

From a moving New York City tribute of more than 3000 letters written by children titled “Dear Hero” to a recent parade of thousands in that same city, there has been one minute of respectful silence in the UK, as well as some stunning creative demonstrations. The VOGUE front cover tribute caught attention, as did the special Banksy work, a photo collage on the walls of The Bastille, and a choreographed tribute from ballerinas in lockdown. 

People all around the world have been uniting in a tribute of thanks and recognition. 

At 12pm on International Day of Friendship – Friday, July 30 – join with HammondCare and Baird as they mark the Day of Appreciation with signs, displays, social media, applause and more across all of HammondCare’s aged care and health locations.  

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