200 million Bibles printed in China

There is a new world record for printing Bibles – China’s Amity Printing Company (APC) has now printed 200 million Bibles.

And they are producing Bibles faster and faster. The first 100 million Bibles to be printed by the Nanjing-based company took 25 years, with the 100 million milestone passed in 2012.

“Our believers love the Bible, looking to God’s Word as a lamp to the feet.” – Rev Xu Xiaohong

In a span of just seven years, Amity Press has produced yet another 100 million Bibles.

Chinese church leaders and government officials joined leaders from the United Bible Societies (UBS) on November 11 as the printing plant produced the 200 millionth Bible. “It was a wonderful celebration of the partnership between Amity Foundation, the church in China, and the church around the world – and demonstrates the incredible impact that can be made when we unite together behind a vision,” Melissa Lipsett, COO of Bible Society Australia told Eternity from Nanjing.

“This incredible milestone represents the Bible being placed into the hands and hearts of millions of Chinese Christians – a remarkable ‘Only God’ feat!”

Eternity has told the story here of how Bible printing restarted in China in the 1980s through the eyes of Aussie David Thorne, who played a key role. Today, Amity Press occupies a modern factory about the size of two AFL ovals in Nanjing, one of China’s booming cities. Six hundred staff print, bind, and ship Bibles and other books.

“Our pastors love the Bible and they use understandable language, relevant teaching and interesting illustrations to preach and teach the Scriptural truths accurately and clearly,” Rev Xu Xiaohong, Chairman of the Three Self Patriotic Movement (the Protestant Churches in China) told the 200 million celebration.

“Our believers love the Bible, looking to God’s Word as a lamp to the feet. They read the Bible to obey the truth, glorifying God and benefitting people, bearing witness in community service…”

The three self churches sell the Bible throughout China.

UBS Director General, Michael Perreau, congratulated APC for reaching this remarkable milestone. He remarked that the establishment of APC and the completion of 200 million Bibles by the press is a miracle no one can fathom.

He also reflected that there are people still waiting for God’s word in their own languages and people groups who cannot yet know that God speaks their heart languages.

“My prayer would be that when APC celebrates its 300 millionth Bible, it will include all people because the Bible is for everyone,” Mr Perreau said.

Bible Societies around the world subsidise the paper used in printing Bibles for China, making the Bible as widely available as possible.

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