Ravi Zacharias tributes flow in response to terminal cancer diagnosis

Tributes for well-known Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias are being posted across social media today, after his ministry announced that he has received a terminal medical report.

Zacharias is an Indian-born Canadian-American evangelical apologist who has written numerous Christian books and publicly defended the Christian faith since he was converted at 17 years of age. He is now 74.

Zacharias’ eldest daughter Sarah Zacharias Davis, who is CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), posted the following update on her father’s health to the organisation’s website and social media accounts on Saturday:

“We have just learned that while the tumor in my dad’s sacrum has been responding to the chemotherapy, the area where the cancer metastasized has actually worsened. His oncologist informed us that this cancer is very rare in its aggression and that no options for further treatment remain. Medically speaking, they have done all they are able.”

Since Zacharias founded his Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) in 1984, it has grown into a global team of speakers with offices throughout the world in: the United States, Canada, Latin America, Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Turkey, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Germany, Macedonia, and Switzerland.

On Sunday, RZIM invited Christians around the world to post testimonies of how Zacharias’ ministry has influenced them, under the hashtag #ThankYouRavi, saying the testimonies would be passed on to Zacharias and his family.

Christians of all stripes from across the world responded, with gratitude the common theme.

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What in the world ties a black kid from hip hop culture to a scholar from Delhi, India? I used to find myself on tour rapping in front of thousands of people, leaving stage and coming back to my tour bus devouring his videos and lectures. As a former atheist and skeptic, now believer, I wanted my peers in the culture who didn’t believe to have answers to hard questions. “Why is there evil in the world?” “Where is God in the midst of suffering and injustice?” I would digest his lectures in front prestigious universities and craft the insight into my own language. Because of #ravizacharias I had answers to hard questions. Who would’ve thought a tour bus full of young rappin city kids would go in between watching Hip Hop award shows to theological debates and lectures. I just want to give this man his roses while he’s still here. I know God is likely taking him home soon, but Im glad he was here during my life time. #thankyouravi

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On February 2, Zacharias announced he would be undergoing emergency spinal repair surgery after pain had intensified since two previous spinal surgeries. Eleven days after the surgery, his wife Margie posted an update, describing his recovery as progressing “at a slower pace than he expected”.

Then on March 13, Zacharias made the official announcement: “We have learned in the past week that a biopsy taken during the procedure revealed that I have a malignant tumor on my sacrum – a very rare cancer called Sarcoma. Indeed, we now know this is the cause of my extreme pain. In the past few days, we have been meeting with specialists to determine the next course of action. They will wait until I am fully healed from the back surgery, and in 4-5 weeks, will begin treatment to shrink the tumor.”

The Zacharias family have returned to their home in Atlanta, Georgia, and said they will “be together for whatever time the Lord gives us.”

Sarah Zacharias Davis said in a statement: “We know that God has purposed and numbered each of our days, and only He knows how many more Ravi will experience on this earth. One day, likely sooner than later, we will be serving without our beloved founder, though I know his love and legacy will convict and inspire us to service of his Lord even greater than we have seen before.

“While we are full of so many emotions, we are also at peace, resting in the truth that God knows all and sees all and is sovereign and good. I think of the great joy my dad will have and I am comforted. Thank you for taking this journey with us, and as always, for your faithful prayers.”