Trump is not the most important thing in the world

He began the Christian revolt against Donald Trump. But just as his campaign scored a huge win this week, he finds he needs Jesus more than ever.

If you read one thing about Christianity and Donald Trump, make it this story.

HE is two people rolled into one – a right wing shock jock and a student at a Bible college, but Erick Erickson looked like he was on the verge of a triumphal year.

It began when he was one of the leaders in the revolt against Donald Trump by conservatives in the US. Blogger at the, talk show host and a student at Reformed Theological Seminary, Erick Erickson made headlines when he dis-invited Donald Trump to the “Redstate gathering” – a conference for right wing activists. This was when Trump was charging through the Republican primaries, and came after Trump’s graphic attack on Megyn Kelly of Fox News. The sexist innuendo in Kelly’s interview with Trump was too much for Erickson.

After high-profile revelations this week about Trump,  Erickson has been proved right. But at this precise moment, Erickson has released an article – which shows there are much more important things than destroying a putative tyrant’s election campaign.

Erickson wants his children to love Jesus – even though he has found out that neither he or his wife are likely to see them grow up.

Its called “If I Die Before You Wake” and below is how Erickson begins this moving, personal piece:

“In April I went into the hospital and stayed there a week. Subsequently, I have gone back numerous times. In fact, I have spent more time in the hospital this year than all the rest of my life combined. My lungs were filling with clots and I could barely breath. By the time I got admitted, my blood-oxygen level was below 90%. While I was there, doctors found a tumor in my wife’s right lung. In June, she had it removed and on the day of surgery the doctors found a new growth on her left lung. The one was removed on a Tuesday and the other that Friday. My wife, it turns out, has a very uncommon form of lung cancer that only affects non-smoking women.

“This has been a year. It started with angry Trump supporters showing up at our home and at my office. It continued with angry people harassing my advertisers and station. And while the professional toll has been something to behold, it is nothing compared to the personal struggles my wife and I have had to deal with this year and will now continue to deal with.

“For the first time we have had to actually dwell on the possibility that we could leave our children in the world without us long before any parent should have to depart. Between the weight of this political season and the struggles of health, I have spent a lot of time thinking. If my wife and I were to die, what would we want our children to know. What would we leave them with? And honestly, it is hard to separate the struggles of this year from each other. It envelops my thinking.”


Some prayer points to help

Pray for parents such as Erick, who are facing the difficult and upsetting situation of dealing with imminent death.