An early Christmas gift for kids

One of the surefire things I can do as a Scripture teacher (I volunteer teaching Special Religious Education in NSW, also called Religious Instruction in Queensland) is get the puppet ministry of Quiz Worx into the classroom.

Quiz Worx works (even if they can’t spell).

This year, every classroom can get their lively and gospel focussed puppets because Quiz Worx has produced a new 15 minute video special, The Peace of Christmas. It promises fun – and Jesus.

“It’s brilliant! It’s totally appropriate for government schools and a very good conclusion to what students have been learning in a disrupted SRE/RI year,” says Sally, the lead writer at GodSpace (which is the Baptist-based Scripture lessons provider).

“I pray it will be a blessing to very many SRE teachers/RI Instructors and kids, and am very happy to endorse it.”

All the main providers of lesson material also endorse it – along with GodSpace, the creators of Beginning with God, Connect and Big Questions are behind it. The Peace of Christmas sits within the learning outcomes of these curricula.

There’s an AUSLAN translation right through the video, with closed captions too, which means the Deaf community are included in the Quiz Worx audience.

The Peace of Christmas has heaps of uses outside of a state school classroom as well.

It can also be used by Non-Government Schools, in church and Carol events, or even just at home.

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