Why we object to the culture war

What we lose when we fight each other

Eternity is an anti-war publication. The war we have a conscientious objection to is the culture war.

A polarised society with Christianity weaponised by one of a pair of brawling assailants is an unpleasant possibility.

Christians are logically attracted to positions that are both of the left and the right.

It creates a gulf to gospel growth when one half of the body politic believes that to be Christian is to be a Coalition voter – or Green.

There are Christians who read Eternity who have strong political views in either direction. Others of us are a political mix. We love youse all. But we get disappointed when either side can’t see that people can be Christian and vote the other way.

Christians are logically attracted to positions that are both of the left and the right. Take a pro-life position, derived pretty directly from the Bible. This will entail opposition to abortion, but for many Christians also strong support for refugees – sometimes called a post-birth pro-life position.

These ideas are sorted into left and right-wing boxes by our society but a Christian can logically hold all of them.

In the debate over school staffing and student enrolment for LGBTIQ persons, it has been clear that schools across the spectrum from low-fee to high-fee, have been clear that they don’t want to discriminate against gay students.

Some might think that that is due to political pragmatism but this writer sees a desire not to be squeezed into a culture war. Schools which signed the controversial Sydney letter have a record of serving gay students well (but imperfectly, of course).

The more difficult area of staffing presents a greater challenge. Can we combine a desire to teach historic Christianity and a gentleness of spirit towards the wider community in this matter?


Some prayer points to help

Pray for respect and consideration of Christians with different political views. Ask God that every person who follows Jesus will have the mind of Christ when it comes to approaching all situations.